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Why Speak Up

Why we recommend that you write your review

When you post comments on those popular Social Media Pages Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and even LinkedIn, how many people see let alone read them. With their fast-moving nature, most companies know that social media posts disappear and replaced by something else within seconds, thus becoming ineffective, (especially an unfavourable review).

Business wants you to post reviews to their own social media pages because they are in control and can manage the content, or they always lead with the fantastic reviews. These businesses also know that there are various ‘A Current Affairs’ programs that voice consumer complaints and seek consumer rights and protection, however, with so many poor service complaints made across ineffective forums, it's easy to see why consumer rights have eroded over time.

Imagine if you had a site to search when you wanted real reviews by real people, now imagine that the preferred suppliers of that site had pledged to value and treat you with total respect whilst supplying the best products, performance and service.  

Well R.A.P.P.S supplies such a site. If consumers don’t speak up and let the business know how we liked or disliked their products, performance or service how will the company learn, just recently The Royal Commission into Misconduct in the Banking, Superannuation and Financial Services Industry has exposed practices that are said to have ruined thousands of everyday Australians lives.

Speak up now and show the good and bad trends of individual entities banks, insurance companies, communication providers, electricity, gas and water providers as well as smaller businesses professional service providers, tradesman and retail outlets. If a business takes your money for products or services, then write a review and let everyone know how they did.